Sunday, July 24, 2011

Please keep these beautiful little faces in your prayers!


These 3 kiddos are some of our newest. They, along with all of us (the SHC staff) could use some extra prayer...for that is the only thing that can heal their bodies and give us strength to face the challenges ahead!

"He is before all things and in Him ALL things hold together." Colossians 1:17

More updates to come...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Who can recall this little boy? Katoyia? Yes, yes it is. This little man was picked up from the hospital almost dead. In fact I thought he was dead when I first saw him. But God held him tight and healed his tiny body in an amazing way! Now almost exactly 1 year later, he is a very healthy, happy toddler!

It's such a honor to be a part of what God is doing in Uganda, well all around the world really. Keep those prayers coming. God is working miracles everyday....everyday. He is making himself known! He is showing His power. He is being the good, and in the bad. Yes, this is the same little boy as above!

Katoyia the day I "found him"

Julius has VERY advanced tuberculosis of the lungs, stomach and heart. We actually had to transfer and admit him into a government hospital in Kampala to get the proper treatment for him because no hospital or health center in all of Jinja would treat TB that advanced. Now Julius is as lively as ever. No more coughing up blood that's for sure. Praise Jesus for that!

Julius and his Mom upon discharge from a Kampala hospital!

Rachel. Wow, this girl make my heart happy! Four months ago Rachel was in heart failure. Her liver was pretty much nonfunctional, and she was so malnourished that she couldn't even stand without assistance. She was in an incredible amount of pain 24 hours a day and her heart was constantly beating out of control. Each and every breath was rapid and labored. I thought her belly was going to explode due to all the fluid laying dormant...

She was very quickly rushed to Kampala.... After many tests, scans and x-rays we were told that Rachel had a condition called "Rheumatic Heart Disease". It was explained to us that it was probably caused by some sort of infection that went untreated for too long. I sat across from a doctor at the best hospital in Kampala and and was told that I should take Rachel home because she was "not going to make it". They said she would never be strong enough to come out of heart failure. She was just too sick...

Today Rachel is at home with her family! She is no longer in heart failure. She can eat food, run and play! She can help her Mom with her little brother, and do most things that an 8 year old girl does. Her favorite activity is coloring, and she is never without a smile spread wide across her face!!

Thank you all so much for all of your prayers and support! God is doing great things here and I am so happy and honored to be able to share these stories with all of you.

Stay tuned for more stories of our kids to come soon! Promise.