Wednesday, February 23, 2011

THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU to ALL who made a donation towards Serving His Children buying oxygen tanks. Though I am not “happy” to be using them, I am VERY thankful for them! You have no idea…

Please continue to pray for Baby Siliman… He is so sick and tiny. He needs a blood transfusion, but there no available blood that is compatible. The Doctors are at a loss, they don’t know what to do. Neither do I. I can only pray.

“God, God of the universe please enter into my house and cover this little, tiny boy with your healing hands. If it is your will could you just please work a miracle in his small body? Please. For your glory, for your praise; not mine. I know that you are the only one capable of saving this little life, so I give it to you. I place Siliman in your hands. I know I cannot save him, that job is only for you, for he is your Son and you love him more than I. But, please give those of us who are caring for him the knowledge that can only come from you. Show me what to do. Be my eyes. Gide my hands. For I can do nothing without you. I KNOW that you are in control. I will follow. I will trust. I love you. ”

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dear Friends, please pray for one of our many new house guests, Siliman. He just arrived today and is in pretty rough shape… He is sleeping on the living room floor with his Mom as we have no more available beds at the moment. We’re up to 31 people living here, so it’s a bit tight. But, he has a whole load of blankets covering his small body and hopefully he will SOON warm up! We are praying...

Join us and Pray for: wisdom in his care. Healing in his body. And restoration in his family.

God, I know you are in control!

Monday, February 7, 2011

I am blessed. So blessed.

My incredibly wonderful family. I love you all!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My bare feet pounded down against the cold, cement floor. My heart was pounding in my chest. It was 2:30 am, and I was running through every hallway in Jinja main hospital. I ran with determination, urgency; I ran with fear. My eyes scanned quickly into every room, every corner as I passed by…and more than once my fist met the peeling paint of a closed door.

I ran breathlessly, pleading for help, but there was never any reply. Only silence met my cries. I know my voice was heard by all who lay occupying beds, but somehow it did not reach the ears of those in uniform.

I was in search of a nurse, a doctor, or anyone really. But more importantly, I was searching desperately for oxygen… for waiting in my car was a little boy who’s life depended on it.

Every time I entered another hospital I was met with the same scene; I would quickly come to the conclusion that there was no oxygen available, and with haste, I would make my way back outside. And each time I jumped back in my car, I grew a little less hopeful; a little more fearful. And as I sped along the bumpy roads that led to our next destination, I found myself looking into the rearview mirror...far to often. When I would glance back, what I saw was horrifying, it was heart wrenching, unfair even, BUT, it was also a picture of Christ. A picture of servant hood.

In the back seat an IV bag hung, swinging and moving with every bump and turn. Attached to the end of that long clear tube was a little 11 month old baby boy named, Harrington. His very pregnant mother held him close. Uncontrollable tears spilled out of her puffy eyes and ran down her cheeks. A flow of salty tears fell to Harrington sweet face as he gasped for air; the rise and fall of his chest was frighteningly inconsistent. Next to this little family sat my sweet sister, Jenifer. She sat close using an oxygen bag, attempting to keep him alive. She was slowly squeezing the big yellow balloon like shape, pushing oxygen into his lungs; praying that God would give him his next breath. We were both praying, begging God to perform a miracle. Yet every time we reached another facility, the result was the same. No oxygen, not a single hospital in Jinja had available oxygen. Not one.

So we started off to Kampala…hoping and praying…

Then…God answered our prayers! One of the baby homes that we’d been to earlier got their oxygen machine working!!! Even after we left in such a hurry one of their girls, Helen stayed up franticly trying to fix what was broken. She got it working and called! I made a U turn and we were on our way…minutes later we pulled into a quiet, sleeping compound, bringing with us only chaos. We moved as quickly as possible. Holding a limp baby, an IV bag, and trying to continue getting oxygen into Harrington’s lungs was quite a task. Even with 3 sets of hands....

As I walked in the door, I felt a change take place within the small body I was clutching so near to my heart. Not a good change. I started running to the back of the house where Jennifer was preparing the oxygen machine. But by the time I made it into the clinic he had no pulse. I placed him on the floor and we started CPR. We pounded on his chest, gave him our own breath and prayed. Prayed. And prayed. And prayed…

But God did not choose to bring him back to us. He chose to take him to a better place. A place with no pain. No suffering. No hunger.

Sometimes when I’m in valley of the shadow of death, I DO fear. When I got the call that Harrington’s oxygen ran out, I was scared. As I drove to the hospital as fast as possible to pick him up, I was scared. Every time I bolted out of my car, I was terrified. And getting back in was even worse. As I knelt over Harrington and pounded on his chest, begging God to bring him back, I felt as though my own heart was stopping. Many times in the past month, I have asked god “why? Why me? Why here?” and every time without fail, I hear “Because I chose you.” So with a heavy heart I continue….I continue the work that God has called me to because just that, HE has called me! Even when my heart is breaking...

We miss you Baby Harrington. We love you.

NOTE: SHC would like to buy our own oxygen tanks, so that next time maybe this situation can be avoided. If you would like to make a donation to help cover some of the costs it would be greatly appreciated. Please indicate that the donation is to go toward oxygen. Thank you so much for all of your continued prayers and support!