Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I’m surrounded by unthinkable poverty…. Mother’s who literally can’t feed their babies, and I have food in abundance. My baby has never gone hungry.

Children come through my gate adorning rags as clothes. My daughter has a closet full of dresses…I can’t even count them.

Parents come to me, get on their knees and beg me to treat their children. My daughter gets Tylenol for the slightest ace or pain.

90% of Ugandan babies sleep on the hard dirt floor. My daughter has a beautiful bed that was made just for her.

Children right outside my gate are contracting deadly sicknesses from dirty water. My child drinks clean water from a filter.

Almost every child in Masese digs through the trash to find something to play with. My baby girl has a whole basket full of toys from America.

All around my home there are children huddled together in huts…trying to say warm. Dodging the rain as it pours in around them. But my baby girl, she sits on the veranda watching with wide eyes. Warm in her pink jacket.

I look around my living room at all the children sitting on the floor; their mothers seated next to them. It makes my heart hurt to think of all the pain and suffering that these sweet people have endured in their lives. My house is literally full of women who cannot provide for their children. They cannot feed them. They cannot cloth them. They cannot take them to the doctor. Most of them can’t even give them a bed to sleep in. So why is it that I have the ability to provide all of those things for my daughter? Seems unfair to me…and I want to change it. Don’t you?

P. S Thank you for all your prayers for Baby Siliman. He is doing wonderfully!! Praise be given to the God of HEALING!


  1. Soooo glad Siliman is doing better. I've been praying and thinking about him. Thanks for the update. You are an inspiration. I've read your entire blog in one sitting one evening recently after a friend posted it on hers, and I have to say it has caused me to ask God almost daily for Him to show me what he wants me to do. We are waiting to adopt from Ethiopia, but that does not seem like it is near enough. Praying for God to show us what else we can do.

  2. Renee,
    I have no answers, sister. I agree I wish it were not as it is and that He could help me help them. What I find that you don't see, is that at least they have found YOU (HIM). They're in YOUR home, where there is food, safe water, warmth, love, guidance, and care...They'll be rejuvenated and possibly moved and God may move into their hearts...that alone opens so many doors. Thank God you are there for them. Seriously.

    Hugs and Prayers (of gratitude for Siliman!!!)

  3. Renee, do the people in your area receive any food aid? I've volunteered for a wonderful organization that provides food aid for malnourished children and adults. Here's the website to apply for aid, if you're interested:

  4. Continue to keep your eyes on the Lord, allowing Him to work through you as you help the precious ones He brings you. Keep showing them the love and hope of Jesus.

    Also, what would it take to start a special fund for water filters for your area? Is this even feasible? Let us help you be His hands and feet . . .