Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hello from America!

Wow, I must say it is a bit chilly here, even in the south…but other that needing many jackets Selah and I are doing very well. It’s so fun to have her here with our family; she is of course getting incredibly spoiled and will expect to have a human play toy all to herself for the rest of her life. She is in for a rude awakening once we get home… oops.

Please keep SHC in your prayers as I am away and we have 2 fairly new volunteers running the show. They are so far doing a fabulous of taking care of everything, but I of all people know that it can get pretty overwhelming at times, and so prayers would be much appreciated! Thanks!

I will be doing a little bit of traveling while in the US (aka fundraising) and so I wanted to let all of you when and where, in case anyone wants to pop in and say hi. Here is my schedule as I know it…hope to see you there!!

Renee’s 2010 Fall Speaking Schedule

Nov. 14 – Moneta, VA – Radford Baptist Church, 10:30 Worship Service, potluck lunch to follow

Nov. 17 – Roanoke, VA – Raleigh Court Presbyterian Church, Dinner at 6:00 (reservation required), Program at 6:45

Nov. 20 – Chattanooga, TN – Ethos Church, Fundraiser to include finger food, silent auction and program, $5 at the door

Nov. 21 – Ooltawah, TN- Crossroads Baptist Church, 10:30 Worship Service

Dec. 3 – Winnepeg Manitoba, Canada- Blumenort Evangelical Mennonite Church, Dinner fundraiser, and program(reservations encouraged-donations appreciated) (866) 999-3268

Dec. 4- Oklahoma City, OK- Evening Meet & Greet (580) 221-3799

Dec. 5 – Muskogee, OK, Southeast Baptist Church, 10:45 Worship Service (918)913-2010

Dec. 5 – Muskogee, OK, Southeast Baptist Church, Meet & Greet with Renee, time TBA! (918)913-2010

Dec. 8 – Moneta, VA, Eastlake Community Church, 6:00 evening program