Saturday, January 23, 2010

Well, so I know I said that I would be posting updates from my Mom, but as you can see that has not happened. I always have good intentions when it comes to blogging, but it never seems to play out that way… sorry guys. But let me cap what’s been going on for the past few weeks.

Rachel and Rita have been doing really great! It’s precious to see the way the Rachel cares for her baby sister, and is always watching out for her as they are in a new place with strange people. Having some extra loving hands around the house has made their transition a lot smother! I’m still working out all the details of where they will be going in the next few weeks, but for right now they are very content to play outside in the dirt, and eat lots of beans!

Praise the Lord! We now have a VAN!!! Thank you Amazima Ministries for graciously donating your old van!!! We LOVE it!

Selah has the chickenpox…waiting for the rest of them to catch it…

Nusula has gained almost 2 pounds, and is looking great! Her age was estimated closer to 1 ½ or 2, and the more time I spend with that girl the more I am convinced that she is toddler going on twenty… She is so smart! She’s learning new words everyday!

SCH has decided to hire a nurse once a week to come and put on a small clinic for the people of Masese! We attempt to offer some medical treatment to the community, but can’t handle all the needs here, so we have found a wonderful Christian lady, Constance who will be coming every Wednesday morning! Right now we have been incredibly blessed by having a large portion of our meds donated, so Constance will be using our front porch, donated medicine, and Jesus’ love to provide the best treatment possible!

I broke my toe the other day..not even a good story, I just wasn’t paying attention.

Ok, well I need to go... My Mom is making my favorite dinner ever!!! All the kids are waking up, and Selah is about to wake so she can continue crying until she goes to bed-life calls…

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hello all! Well, as some of you know, and some of you may not, my Mom and Sister (along with another friend, Brigitte) are NOW here in Uganda!!! It’s so fun to have part of my family here with me, even for a short time! After 4 morning meetings, feeding 980 children lunch, receiving 2 abandon sisters with nowhere to go (1 and a half and 3 years old, both of whom screamed until falling asleep shortly before I left), piling 2 babies and their pajamas in the car, oh and I might add forgetting my shoes, I finally left for the airport! Though I did go back to grab my shoes because while I don’t wear shoes a lot around here, they frown upon going barefoot at places like the airport, and believe me, I get enough stares caring around 2 black babies, I really need no other reason to be looked at like I’m a crazy person. So, along with my babies and my shoes, we went to the airport…It was a sweet reunion of seeing family and friends! I’m so thankful to have them here-my Mom and sister will be staying for 3 ½ weeks and Brigitte will be here for 3 months! I probably won’t have time to blog much, like I do now, however my Mom is writing email updates and as she sends them out, I will be posting them here, so you can also read about what’s happenings here in Masese over the next few weeks! And both my sister, Eileen and Brigitte have blogs as well (links on right side bar), so check them out for pictures, and updates as well.

P.S Nusula is doing fantastic! She has gained almost a pound in her 2 weeks here!