Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The past 2 weeks we have been blessed to have a team of people from America helping us out here in Masese! We built 2 water harvesting tanks-one for a local school, and another for a community center on a nearby island! Everyday these 10,000 liter, cement tanks will serve the children and adults of our community! Our hope: that we will be able to help the people here understand that when they drink this water, they will thirst again and again, but when they draw from the spring of Christ, they will never be thirsty; His water is everlasting, eternal, forever! That is our prayer!

Thank you all for coming to serve with us! Thank you for being the “hands and feet” of Christ to the people of Uganda! You have impacted many lives…you have been a BLESSING!!!

House update…
Currently we have 7 babies in the house! Each of them has a unique story…a story of how God has brought them to be here at Serving His Children! Detailed stories to come...

Twin brothers, Katoyia and Kakulu (7 months)

Katoyia on July 3rd / Katoyia Today

Twin brother and sister, Waswia and Zakia (age 8 months)

Shadia (age 4 months)
Sharifa (age 1 year)

Sophia (age 16 months)

And, of course Selah had to make it in here… Side note: we went to court a few weeks ago, and finished all of our paperwork; I was granted legal guardianship, and Selah now has a passport!!! But, keep praying…her guardianship order is missing a few key things that are needed to obtain a visa. So frustrating…


  1. Oh my goodness! Shadia is SO BIG!!!

    Praying for you guys!

  2. I can't get over how big Shadia is either! Awaiting their stories...well the beginnings of their stories anyway :)

  3. praying for these little ones! and for Selah! by the way, she is a beautiful little girl :)

  4. Thank you for the pictures!! I wish I could meet every one of those babies!

  5. wow! what sweet babies---will definitely be praying for them and you.

  6. Praying for each little one! Praising God for the hands and feet that came to serve you!

    Oh goodness is Selah gorgeous! That smile tells a deep story of hope and redemption! Love it!
    Hugs and love,

  7. oh my little shadia!!! she's lookin good!
    selah sure looks smart in that dress!

    two sets of twins! wow!
    God is so good at this stuff!

  8. Renee, I pray that God fills you with His wisdom, strength, and love as you minister to His beloved in Uganda. Praise Jesus for your willingness to submit your life to Him. YOu are great encouragement to me.

  9. wow what beautiful children. what a wonderful blessing from the hand of Elohim.Thanks for sharing a beautiful moment.