Sunday, March 21, 2010

So, yesterday when I came down stairs Sarah’s Dad was sitting at my kitchen table…in bright fuchsia dress pants. Sometimes you have to just laugh about life. After talking with him for a few minutes I was utterly confused; I was under the impression that he was MIA, so why was he here?

Apparently when he heard Sarah was still alive he would not believe it to be true until he saw her with his own eyes. So, he came with his neighbor, Silvia, the woman who first brought Sarah here. They live very far away, so I was a bit surprise that he would have come all this way; they left their house at 3:30am to arrive here at 7am.

At first I was a little upset because from his appearance, he looked to be of sound mind, and I was told that he had a mental condition that prohibited him from caring for his children. We had been lied to… When Charles (our day guard/interpreter) got here, I called him in to attempt to help solve the mystery. Within a few minutes it was apparent that this man did indeed have a condition that made it impossible for him to think and process things clearly.

It was very sweet to see him interact with Sarah, she definitely remembered him! They just sat together on the veranda and played. Here you don’t see fathers playing, or really interacting with their children in a positive way, so to see that he really cared for Sarah, and was willing to show his affection was encouraging! Before he left we come to the conclusion that we would visit his home and meet with his sister-in-law; she would be the most likely relative to be able to keep Sarah after she is finished here with our program-if she is unable to care for Sarah long term than we will start looking into alternative options for her future.

I want to thank all of you for your prayers; I received so many emails from people saying that they were praying for Sarah and everyone here at SHC administering her care! It was so encouraging to read those emails, facebook messages, and blog comments; to know that people all over the world were covering Sarah in prayer! She has made a complete turnaround; she weighs a total of 5 ½ kilos, and learns to interact with people more and more everyday! I ask you to join us in continued prayer for this little girl and the future that God has in store for her.


  1. Renee, I just found your blog through Katies. Praise Jesus for the way he continues to heal, provide and love these children through you. I am praying for you!

  2. YAY! I am so happy to hear that little Sarah is doing better. Interesting about her Dad. I am certain Heavenly Father has a plan for this family and Sarah. Thank you for taking the time to post! Covering you all in prayers.