Monday, March 1, 2010

Plumpy Nut it up...

I don’t know if any of you have heard of something called “Plumy Nut” well, I hadn’t until about a year and a half ago… It is a readymade therapeutic food designed to treat severely malnourished children. The high-protein, high-energy, peanut-based paste typically comes in foil wrappers or small plastic tubs, which are practical for children, and makes feeding easier. The WHO and UNICEF distribute it; you can’t just go to the store and buy it. It’s not easy to get. Some government hospitals give it out, but only if you are admitted into the ward, and consume it while there. I have looked into getting plumpy Nut in the past and have been very unsuccessful.

Typically, it allows children to return to a healthy weight within three to four weeks. Last year, the product was used to treat more than 63,000 malnourished children all over Africa.

I actually brought information about Plumpy Nut to my board, and they laughed at me; they didn’t think it was a real thing. That’s how good this stuff is. It is just jammed packed with protein, milk powder, vitamins, ect. They dose it by measuring the child’s mid upper arm (using something called a MARK tape-Sarah falls in the “red zone” I don’t think I have to explain what that means for you to know it’s not good) , height, and weight.

A child of Sarah's age should be at 13-she's at 8

As I have said, Plumpt Nut is not easy to get here in Uganda-there are only a few places that have it, and only 2 that will give it to you to take home. Well, God is so good! This is what’s sitting on my kitchen table at this very moment!!!

YES, 50 packets of Plumpy Nut for Sarah! She is not yet a fan, but I believe she soon will be. God is holding this little girl up in his mighty hand; He is fighting the battle for her! And winning by a long shot. I didn’t share these pictures with you; well simply because she looks a little scary, but I want you to see the improvement that has taken place in such a short time.

Hours after arriving on Wednesday.

After only 6 days!!!



  1. AMEN!

    GO GOD!

    Thanks for sharing Renee! Our prayers remain for you and little Sarah!


  2. What an amazing difference in Sarah already! She is a beautiful little girl. I will keep praying for her and all the kids in your care. Love you Renee!

    - Kris

  3. GOD IS SO GOOD! Thanks for all that you are doing! Praying for you daily! God bless!

  4. I just love reading what God is up to, thank you for allowing Him to use you. I just prayed and will continue to pray for strength for you all and for healing for Sarah and an amazing forever family for her. I know my God is amazing but it just blows my mind to see all that He is up to over there. Thank you so much for sharing your life via your blog.

  5. OH MY GOODNESS!!! You can tell such a difference in just 6 days!!! I will continue to pray for little Sarah and you.

    Love you sister!

  6. I know about Plumpy Nut! I have wondered how to get ahold of it. Sarah's pictures tell such a story of the reality of starvation in Africa! Praise God that He brought her to you. Mary is not going to recognize her when you get her all plumped up! Bless you for what you are doing. Praying for you, Sarah, and the other little ones in whose life you are making such a difference.

  7. Words of encouragement. And pictures too! May God continue to rain down on you what you need, even before you know you need it.

  8. That is AMAZING!

    Thank you for sharing! PRAISE GOD!!! PRAISE GOD~~

  9. We will continue to pray for you and sweet Sarah---What will happen to her once she's back to health?

  10. Dear Renee,

    Thank you SO much for posting this! We will pray for Sarah, and for all of those in your care. Where is Sarah's sister, Mary? Was she able to stay with you, too? Please contiue to keep us posted on these sweet girls and others in your program.

    Renee, my volunteer group, Sixteen Small Stones, was really touched by your heart and your work. I have read that children who are very malnourished are often cold and in much pain. I heard that simply being touched can be quite painful. We came up with the idea of collecting or making soft blankets for you to keep at your home for the children to use...something snuggly and soft may feel good to them and be a comfort to them.

    This was just an idea of ours, but we want to help in whatever way would be BEST for you, the children and the program as a whole. If you have time, would you send us an email and let us know how we can help, and, if the blankets would be useful, where to send them?

    We are all praying for you and your program and the families in your care!

    Lots of Love and Prayers,
    Breclyn Everett
    Sixteen Small Stones

  11. Amazing transformation in just a few days!! I love reading your blog and pray for you and the children!

  12. Praise God! What a gift! Praying with and for you!

  13. Dear Renee,

    Am trying to find where to get Plumy Nut in Uganda, would you care to help?